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Kimchi Ramen 120g – Ottogi

As with most Korean soup or noodles dishes, adjust the seasoning according to taste preference. It is helpful to have
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BBQ Galbi Sauce Korean 240g – Ottogi

Ottogi Kalbi Sauce has a more robust flavour due to different combinations of herbs and spices to enhance the taste.
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Korean Corn Syrup 700g – Ottogi

OTTOGI KOREAN CORN SYRUP has a high content of maltose to provide texture and enhance the taste of your cooking.

BBQ Sauce Bulgogi for Pork 245g – Ottogi

Bulgogi refers to thinly sliced meat (usually beef) that is grilled and marinated. Ottogi Bulgogi Sauce is mildly sweet and
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Brown Rice Vinegar 500ml – Ottogi

Ottogi Brown Rice Vinegar is a universal herbal condiment that’s commonly used in Asian cuisine. The soft nature of the