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Pantai Chicken Rice Sauce 200Ml (Thai Style)

If you’re looking to make authentic Thai style chicken rice, this sauce from Pantai is an absolute essential!

Pantai Cantonese Suki Sauce 435Ml

Pantai Cantonese Suki Sauce is superb for Sukiyaki (boiled meat and vegetable in soup). It is enriched with the aromatic
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Instant Yentafo Sauce 227 gms – Pantai

Yentafo is a Thai / Chinese noodle dish with a unique taste and distinctive red color. Yentafo is a famous

Pantai Preserved Fish Sauce 300Ml

This Pantai Fish Sauce is an excellent addition to curries and stir-fries to add that extra kick. It is an

Pantai Spring Roll Sauce 435Ml

This spring roll sauce features a zesty range of flavours to complement your meals. also, is used Pasta and Rolls.
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