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Chicken Biryani Malay 50G – Shan

The Shan Malay Chicken Biryani Masala Mix is a high-quality masala mix for making delicious meat with rice. Add a

Chicken Tikka Bbq Masala 50G – Shaan

Enjoy the BBQ season with Shan’s BBQ blend of spices. Shan Chicken Tikka BBQ Mix is an aromatic blend of
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Vermicelli Roasted Sawaiyaan 150 G – Shaan

Vermicelli Sawaiyaan made of maida, water and a little salt. Vermicelli Sawaiyaan is a popular instant food product. Roasted sawaiyaan

Chicken White Karahi 40G – Shan

Shan Chicken White Karahi Mix helps you create a mild and velvety version of traditional Karahi. Shan Chicken White Karahi