Sushi Nori – Le Dragon 25 gms (10 sheets)

Le Dragon Sushi Nori is dried laver seaweed pressed into thin sheets and used especially as a seasoning or as

Extra Long Basmati Rice – Zeeba – 1 Kg

Zeeba – The Best Basmati Rice | Extra-long, Pearl-white grains especially handpicked from the foothills of the Himalayas. Served in

LKK Guilin style Chili sauce 368 g

Extra hot chilies give a fiery accent to this chili sauce developed from a century-old recipe in Guilin, China. It

Fresh Rice Vermicelli 1 mm – 400 gms

Rice vermicelli is a thin form of rice noodles. Prepare these noodles as part of a soup dish, stir fry

Otafuku Japanese Takoyaki Sauce 300 gms

Otafuku Takoyaki Sauce has a rich texture, dark color and subtle touch of sweetness, that is an ideal match for

Imuraya Yude Azuki Prepared Sweet Red Beans – 400 gms

Yude Azuki is mainly used for Japanese confectionery, for example to make zenzai, oshiruko, dorayaki, taiyaki, etc. Azuki red beans

Mama Pork Noodles 90 gms

Mama Pork noodle is a well-known authentic Thai flavour, created by Thailand’s number one noodle brand – Mama! This 90g

Instant Thai Tea 3 in 1 Hot & Cool – 100g – ChaTraMue

Cha tra mue 3 in 1.  5 sachets x 20 grams per pack Put 1 sachet of instant Thai milk

White Sesame Seeds 300G – Raitip

Raitip’s white sesame seeds 100% natural. Suitable for all cooking varieties menu and dessert. White Sesame seeds have been used

Sempio Jin S Soy Sauce – 500 ml

Sempio Jin S Soy Sauce, is one of the most favourites soy sauces in Korea. This variety is remarkably salty

MIYATA Teriyaki Sauce 150ml

MIYATA Teriyaki Sauce 150ml. Teriyaki sauce has four main components: soy sauce, sake (or mirin), sugar and ginger. Soak meat,

Chatramue Brand Thai Tea Mix (400 g)

Number One Original Thai Tea Mix (Red-Label) is made from high quality tea, which is popular in Thailand, finely produced

Aloe Vera dessert – 280 gms – FOCO

This product has large “jello-like” chunks of aloe vera in a syrup. Packed by one of Thailand’s premier food manufacturers,