Find the best of Asian canned and preserved food products here such as fruits, vegetables, kimchi, fish, crab, pickles, ready to eat meals and much more for our customers in Switzerland.

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Aroy-D Lychee In Syrup 565G

They are juicy white fruits and are freshly harvested and canned without compromising their flavour and aroma. The Can contains

FRESH JONGGA Korean Rice Cake (Sliced) 500g

Korean rice cakes are known by the name ‘tteok’ in Korean language. Korean rice cakes are treated as a valuable

FRESH JONGGA Korean Rice Cake Tubular (Sticks) 500g

This Chongga brand product is called by the name ‘tteok’, and is an ideal product to make the Korean traditional
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Jongga Fried Kimchi in Can 160g

Kimchi is a traditional vegetable-based dish, most often prepared by ethnic cabbage variety called ‘napa cabbage’. It contains Korean red
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Wakame Seaweed Cut 20 gms – TOKON

Bring a hint of seaweed goodness to your meals. Make healthy eating easier. Enjoy it in soups, sides, salads and

Aroy-D Longan In Syrup 565G

Aroy-D has the sweet and delicious Longan fruit canned in a syrupy liquid which is ideal to have as a

Mori-Nu Silken Extra Firm Tofu 349 gms

Tofu is also called bean curd, which is prepared from soy milk. This is often used as a non-lactic alternative
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Aroy-D Coconut Milk 400Ml (Cooking)

Aroy-D brand coconut milk has a creamy consistency, a pleasant coconut taste and aroma; it will give you a lot

Korean Rice Cake 500g Stick Shape – NBH

NBH Korean Rice Cake is made only with carefully selected Korean rice, allowing even more chewy texture for stick shape.
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Grass Jelly 530g – Eagle Coin

Grass jelly is dark brown to black colour jelly made from the Chinese Mason plant, which belongs to the genus

Sour Pickled Green Mustard 350G – Twin Tusk Brand

Sour mustard pickle twin tusk leng leng Sour Pickled Green Mustard enhances Asian dishes with its sour flavour. Can be

Jongga Sliced Napa Cabbage Kimchi 300 gms

Jongga Sliced Cabbage Kimchi is a true Korean kimchi made with the best Korean ingredients. Pure sea salt ensures the
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