Aloe Vera dessert – 280 gms – FOCO

This product has large “jello-like” chunks of aloe vera in a syrup. Packed by one of Thailand’s premier food manufacturers,
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Birds Custard Powder Original Flavour 300g

Made with cornflour, salt, vanilla, and annatto coloring Heats in minutes on the microwave or stovetop Add cinnamon sticks while
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Maynila Pineapple Gel (Nata de Pina) – 340g

This coconut gel product is flavored with pineapple to add zest and enticing taste to your fruit salad or cold

Jackfruit Yellow in Syrup 565g – Le Dragon

Enjoy a can of ripened tropical jackfruit in rich, sweet syrup. When fully ripe, the jackfruit turns pale yellow and

Buenas Halo-Halo (Fruit mix & beans in Syrup) 340g

Halo-Halo is a popular delicacy in the Philippines. It is a mix of different seasonal fruits and different types of