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Weiyuen Canned Mixed Congee 360g

Congee is a traditional Asian rice dish of which several variants exist in almost all Asian countries. It is made of a mix of grains and legumes including wheat, glutinous rice, beans, barley and peanuts with sugar as the main condiment. A real healthy dish which can be used as a breakfast food.

Jongga Sliced Cabbage Kimchi 400 gms Fresh

Jongga Sliced Cabbage Kimchi is a true Korean kimchi made with the best Korean ingredients. Pure sea salt ensures the

Peanut Butter 350g – PCD

Quality PCD Peanut Butter is soft and creamy and tastes like fresh roasted peanuts. Especially in Indonesia and the Philippines,
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Mango Chutney Spicy 340G – Patak’s

Patak’s Mango Chutney is a spicy-sweet chutney prepared using ripe mango fruits. A vegetarian dish, hot mango chutney has a

Coconut Sport Macapuno String 340g – Buenas

Coconut Sport is a soft-shredded coconut in Syrup. Best served chilled. Ready to eat. Serve as a Dessert. Ingredients: shredded

Maynila Pineapple Gel (Nata de Pina) – 340g

This coconut gel product is flavored with pineapple to add zest and enticing taste to your fruit salad or cold

Buenas Macapuno Balls (340g)

Buenas Macapuno Balls are soft balls of Coconut in sweet syrup. Also known as Coconut Sport Balls and Mutant Coconut

Palak Paneer – Haldiram 300gms

Curry made with Fresh Chunks of Paneer (cottage cheese) simmered in a spinach curry flavoured with mild spices. Ready to
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Vegetable Biryani – 70 gms – Haldiram Minute Khana

Halidrams Minute Khana Veg Biryani, Instant Ready to eat anytime meal with a mixture of spiced vegetables and rice combination
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Palak Paneer, Tofu (ready-to-eat) 280 gms – Ashoka

Palak Paneer is a delicious combination of soft Indian cheese and curried spinach in a mild sauce. Simply heat and

Delhi Dal Makhani 280 gms – Ashoka

Delhi Dal Makhani – A traditional slow-cooked, rich curry with Black Gram and Red Kidney Beans. Ideally served as a

Buenas Halo-Halo (Fruit mix & beans in Syrup) 340g

Halo-Halo is a popular delicacy in the Philippines. It is a mix of different seasonal fruits and different types of