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Rice Wine 750Ml – Hua Tiao

Rice wine is a traditional alcoholic beverage in many parts of Asia. It is produced by microbial fermentation of steamed

Tiparos Fish Sauce 700 Ml

Fish sauce is an all-purpose gourmet condiment and essential to Chinese cooking as and when you apply it to your

Aji-no-moto Umami Seasoning 85 gms

The essence of umami flavour. You can enhance the satisfyingly meaty savouriness to all your home-cooked meals with pure Monosodium

Kongsem Ground Chilli In Oil 400G

Kongsem ground chilli oil is used in the pan as a cooking base for meats and vegetables. It is a

Fried Onion 100G – Valkom

Fried onions are delicious with rice, noodles fried or in soups and salads. Sprinkle these fried shallot onions on top

Mirin Seasoning 500ml – Miyata

MIRIN SEASONING 500ML Mirin is a common staple used in Japanese cooking. It's a type of rice wine, similar to sake, but with a lower alcohol and higher sugar content. Mirin has a sweet flavor, which makes it a nice contrast when used with saltier sauces, like soy or tamari.

Rice Wine 375Ml – Hua Tiao

Rice wine is a traditional alcoholic beverage in many parts of Asia. It is produced by microbial fermentation of steamed

Palm Sugar – Valkom 454 gms

Touted as a natural sweetener, this sugar comes from the sap of palm flowers, and palm sugar recipes are found

Korean Corn Syrup 700g – Ottogi

OTTOGI KOREAN CORN SYRUP has a high content of maltose to provide texture and enhance the taste of your cooking.
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Rock Sugar 408g – Jinyi Foodstuff

Rock sugar is especially common in Asian cuisines and is used to sweeten teas, desserts, and even savory dishes. It

Yuzu Juice 200Ml

This pure Japanese yuzu juice is the perfect hit of citrus and aromatic aroma for desserts, cocktails, dressings and sauces.

Chinkiang Vinegar 554ml – Chundan

Chinkiang Vinegar 554ml – Chundan Chinkiang vinegar is a traditional Chinese condiment made from fermented black rice. It has a

Himalyan Salt 400g – Barkat

Himalayan Salt 400g – Barkat is sourced directly from mountains, and hence it is intact with natural minerals such as

Palm Sugar 454G – Cock Brand

Cock palm sugar is a sweetener made from the sap in coconut palm trees. It has a mild caramel flavour
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Crispy Fried Onions 400g – TRS

Fried onions serve as a beautiful garnish on dishes. They add crunch and flavour, and their gorgeous golden colour makes

Mirin Seasoning 150Ml – Miyata

MIRIN SEASONING 150ML Adds depth of flavour, authentic Japanese sweetness and a gloss to sauces.

Sichuan Pepper Oil 360ml

Sichuan peppercorn oil is used to make dressings and dipping sauces for noodles or seafood dishes. It is also known
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Brown Rice Vinegar 500ml – Ottogi

Ottogi Brown Rice Vinegar is a universal herbal condiment that’s commonly used in Asian cuisine. The soft nature of the
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Black Vinegar 250ml – Yongghun Laogu

Black vinegar is widely used in Chinese dishes as a complement or mixture of sauces. Black vinegar or ‘Chinese black

Kewpie Mayonaise 355ml (Gluten Free)

Kewpie Mayonnaise gives every dish a rich, tangy, and distinctive character. Known for its “umami” taste, Kewpie Mayonnaise is made

Cock Tom Kha Kai Instant Sour 227G

Tom Kha Kai soup is a traditional chicken soup with coconut milk and galangal. With the spicy paste from Cock

Sweetened Vinegar 500ml – Pearl River Bridge

Premium Sweet Vinegar has adopted ancient fermentation method and is naturally brewed. It is sweet and sour in taste, strong

Baking Powder 100G – TRS

TRS Baking Powder is an ideal leavening agent for bread and cakes. The powder contains wheat flour and leavening agents
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