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Sencha Japanese Green Tea 500ml (sugar free) – Pokka

Give your body the refreshing pick me up it needs on a hot or tiring day, with the alleviating aromas

Oolong Tea 500ml ( Roasted Flavour No Sugar) – Pokka

POKKA Oolong Tea promises a balance between a rich and robust roasted flavour and a distinctively smooth taste. Had a
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Matcha Latte 10 x 25g – Gold Killi

Matcha Latte 10 x 25g – Gold KilliIndulge yourself with Gold Kili’s Matcha Latte. The latte has a refreshing, creamy

Matcha Green Tea 100g – Cha Tra Mus

Cha Tra Mue Matcha Green Tea is made from high-quality Japanese tea and processed with a particular Japanese Matcha production
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Honey Ginger Drink 360G (18gx20)- Gold Kili

Gold Kili brand’s instant honey ginger drink contains 20 individually wrapped tea bags, weighing around 18g of refreshing ginger drink

Matcha Tea (Powder) 80 g – SHAN WAI SHAN

Matcha Green Tea powder is made from steamed, dried tea leaves. The powder has an intense green color and a

Korean Ginseng Tea 2g x 30g (60g) – Jeong Won

Traditional Korean Ginseng tea in a concentrate granular form. The 90g wooden box contains 30 ginseng teabags each has 3g

Oolong Tea 40g 20 bags – Chinatea

This tea is good for heart, brain, bone and dental health. In addition, it may boost your metabolism, decrease your

Gunpowder Green Tea 125g – CAP

Flavoursome and aromatic Special Gunpowder Green Tea in a 125g packet from the brand Central Asia Pacific (CAP) brand. Special

Gold Kili Instant Hojicha Latte (160 g)

Hojicha Latte is crafted from the finest Japanese Hojicha (roasted green tea). With the unique roasty aroma, Hojicha gives a

Tea Masala Mix- 100 gms Aggarwal

Enjoy Indian Masala Tea for an exotic and spicy taste. This tea Masala mix has an aromatic blend of whole

Jasmine Tea 454g – Sunflower

Jasmine tea is flavoured green tea. Jasmine Tea Leaves gives you a great option to prepare and relish the mesmerising