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We have a wide assortment of instant noodles online all instant noodle flavours available in the Asia Market Nyon store. Beloved by celebrities, chefs, and college students, Instant noodles are easily prepared and can be eaten plain or enhanced with meat, vegetables, or seafood toppings. All the noodle dishes have their own instant noodles varieties. Instant noodles are available in air tightly secured packets in precooked and dried noodle block forms. They’re very easy to make into tasty noodle dishes. Our online store has spicy Korean noodles from Samyang, Japanese Oyakata, Nissin cup noodles, Thai Mama Noodles, Indonesian Indomie brand noodles, Shin Ramyun from Korean brand Nogshim, LuckyMe brand from Philippines, Korean Buldak instant noodles, Pho instant noodles, Maggi and lots of others Instant Noodles in Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Curry, Kimchi and Spicy to very Spicy flavours.

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Instant noodles are the right answer for a fast snack or meal. They’re quick to prepare, tasty, and straightforward to slurp down. They also are available in a wide variety of flavours to suit any taste buds. Do you prefer the rich soy and pork flavour of Menraku’s Shoyu Tonkotsu or the fiery spice of Korean instant ramen? Whichever sort of instant noodle tickles your taste buds, you’re bound to find dry instant noodles you’ll love at the Asia Market Nyon store!

Instant ramen noodles online

Whether your Instant Noodles preference runs from savoury to spicy, we’ve all of your favourite brands. Our instant noodle collection includes quite just ramen, too. We also carry rice noodles and vermicelli for those authentic Asian dishes you’re keen on.

What Are the best Asian Instant Noodles?
We think they’re all good, but you’ll likely find many that particularly tantalize your taste buds. Those will likely become favourites but do not forget to try a new variety now and again. You never know which one will become a new favourite!

Our online store has all the top instant noodle brands from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Are you searching for instant whole grain rice vermicelli? We have it! How about an udon noodle bowl made with fresh noodles? We have that, too. We even have hot and spicy dry noodles for those who like a little heat.

Speaking of warmth, we feature an outsized selection of mild yet flavorful noodles and an equally fantastic selection of noodles that will set your mouth ablaze. We are talking spicy instant noodle dishes like Nongshim’s Spicy Seafood Ramen or Samyang’s Nuclear 2X Spicy Chicken Ramen. Now that’s hot!

If you favour intense flavour overheat, try Vegetasty Korean Vegetable Ramen (made with 60 different vegetables!) or Spinach Ramen Noodles with Onion Broth. You’re bound to enjoy the rich, savoury flavour of those two veggie-packed ramen varieties. Our Japanese instant noodle collection is additionally perfect for those that prefer richly flavoured instant noodles.

Wu-Mu noodles from Thailand run the gamut from mild to spicy. They are available in some unique flavours, too. Have you ever tried pickled mustard flavour ramen? The spicy pickled mustard is formed by pickling mustard cabbage with salt, drying it, then rubbing it with hot chilli paste. Then it’s fermented like kimchi. The result’s uniquely delicious ramen like no other!

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At Asia Market Nyon, we’ve all of your favourite Asian foods products. Asian Instant Noodles Online

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Indomie Mi Goreng Hot & Spicy 80 g

Indomie is one of the most famous instant noodle brands in the world. This variant is the Mi Goreng Hot

Instant Chicken Noodles – 70 gms – Indomie

Since 1972, Indomie instant noodles are produced in Indonesia. They are among the most popular hand-made noodle brands of this

Shin Ramyun Noodle – 120 gms – Nongshim

At the first taste of Nongshim Shin Ramyun’s signature broth, there is no question how Shin Ramyun has become the

Samyang Buldak Curry Hot Chicken Ramen 140g

Buldak Curry Flavored Hot Chicken Ramen noodles are delicious! A fantastic collaboration between Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen and the rich

Samyang Chacharoni blackbean sauce Ramen 140 gms

Chacharoni is Samyang’s twist on the famous Chinese-style stir fry black soybean paste Korean noodle known more commonly as Jjajangmyun.

Paldo’s Mr. Kimchi – Kimchi Ramen 115 gms

Paldo’s Mr. Kimchi – Kimchi Ramen is delicious! Paldo Mr. Kimchi is perfectly suitable for an authentic Korean taste. Quick

Udon Noodles 200G – Sukina

Udon noodles are of Japanese origin. They are wheat based noodles with extreme thickness. Udon is served mostly hot with


The instant noodles Pad thai of OYAKATA, is an instant meal with noodles, chicken and spices, inspired by authentic Thai


Oriental dish with noodles inspired by Korean cuisine, with a characteristic grill taste of beef in a sweet marinade of

SAMYANG Jjajang Hot Chicken Ramen 140g

The most popular Korean spicy noodle variety from Samyang brand has a spicy Sweet bean sauce flavoured version called ‘Jjajang

Mama – Hot & Spicy Flavour – Oriental Style Instant Noodles 90 gms

Mama Instant Hot & Spicy Noodles are especially suitable for lovers of the extra spicy cuisine. These noodles contain vegetable

Mama Ramen Instant Noodles Green Curry Flavor 55 gms

Mama’s green curry flavor instant noodle is very authentic to green curry taste. It comes with a dry spice packet