Wide variety of Rice available at Asia Market Nyon

Rice varieties differ greatly in the length, shape, and weight. At Asia Market Nyon you willfind a wides range of this variety such as Basmati Rice, Long-grain rice, Jasmine rice, Sushi Rice, Glutinous Rice, Brown Rice and many other varieties of Rice

Rice is cooked by boiling. It can be  ground into a flour to make a variety of soups, side dishes, and main dishes in Asian, Middle Eastern, and many other cuisines. Rice is also used to make deserts, breakfast cereals, noodles, and such alcoholic beverages as Japanese sake.

Asia Market Nyon sells high quality rice imported from various parts of Asia.

Get your rice delivered at home from Asia Market Nyon

FRESH JONGGA Korean Rice Cake Tubular (Sticks) 500g

This Chongga brand product is called by the name ‘tteok’, and is an ideal product to make the Korean traditional

FRESH JONGGA Korean Rice Cake (Sliced) 500g

Korean rice cakes are known by the name ‘tteok’ in Korean language. Korean rice cakes are treated as a valuable

Glutinous Rice 1kg – Le Dragon

Glutinous rice is called so since they have glue-like sticky properties, and it is most often called sticky rice. They

Korean Rice Cake 500g Stick Shape – NBH

NBH Korean Rice Cake is made only with carefully selected Korean rice, allowing even more chewy texture for stick shape.

Vietnamese Deep Fried Rice Paper 22cm (round) 400G – Bamboo Tree

Bamboo Tree Rice Paper 22cm (Deep Fried). A packet of delicious rice paper from Vietnamese. Rice paper deep fried to

Korean Rice Cake 500g Round – NBH

NBH Korean Rice Cake is made only with carefully selected Korean rice, allowing even more chewy texture for round shape.

Vietnamese Rice Paper 31cm 1/4 400G – Banh Trang

Rice Paper (31cm) Banh Trang consists of edible ultra-thin sheets of paper rolled out from a mixture of water, rice

Glutinous Rice Flour 400G – Oriental Food

Glutinous Rice Flour is milled from a particular variety of rice, often known as “sticky rice,” that is very starchy
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Le Dragon Jasmin Rice 5Kg

Jasmin rice is a long-grain variety of fragrant rice. Its aroma, implicative of pandan and popcorn, results from the rice

Rice Flakes Sheet 227g – Farmer Brand

Small rice sheets for soups or stir fry. Broad rice noodles (rice flakes), for example, for the delicious Thai dish

Sushi Rice 1kg – Misori

Sushi is world’s best known Japanese dish. Sushi rice is used to prepare sushi. It is a variety of Japonica
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Barkat Gold Super Basmati Rice 5Kg

These fluffy and fragrant rice type gets its name Basmati from the sanskrit word ‘vasmati’, which means fragrant. Basmati rice