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LOBO Oriental Fried Rice Mix 25G

Lobo Oriental Fried Rice Seasoning Mix you can prepare authentic Thai fried rice within minutes. Add fresh ingredients of your

Roasted Seaweed Yakinori 25g

Yaki nori roasted seaweed blue is perfect for all types of sushi and onigiri, and it can also be used

LOBO Kao Soi Mix 50G

Kao soi is a delicious Burmese influenced dish from the north of Thailand. This meal consists of a creamy curry

Champignon Noir Black Fungus 50G – Ea Globe

Black Fungus are rich in dietary fibre and protein, low in calories, contains no sugar, and only negligible amounts of

LOBO Five Spice (Pae-Lo) Powder 65G

Delicious and aromatic Chinese five spice powder. Lobo Five Spice Powder is a delcious and strongly fragrant mixture of five

Tandoori Masala Bbq 100g – TRS

Tandoori Masala Barbeque Spice Blend. It adds a spicy and smoky flavour to your dish. It is a mixture of

Shiitake Mushrooms 100 gms

Shiitake mushrooms have a deep savoury flavour with a meaty texture. Their umami quality brings depth and intensity to dishes.

Crushed Chillies 100G – TRS

TRS Crushed Red Chillis are extremely pungent. Added to hot oil and fried, they turn dark in colour and give

Whole Cumin 100 G – TRS

Cumin seeds form an essential part of various spice mixtures. It is fried in heated oil before other ingredients are

White Sesame Seeds 100G – Raitip

Raitip’s white sesame seeds 100% natural. Suitable for all cooking varieties menu and dessert. White Sesame seeds have been used

Sichuan Pepper 100G

The Sichuan Peppercorn brings a wonderfully refreshing and aromatic change to your dish. A rare Chinese pepper that’s the essential

Mustard Seeds Brown 100g – TRS

Mustard Seeds are mainly used for tempering lentils and vegetables. They have a pungent taste and also used as the