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Spanish Saffron 2G

Spanish Saffron is considered the most prestigious spice in India. Used commonly in Spanish, Italian and Indian cooking, saffron from

Szechuan Pepper Corn – 250 gms – Eaglobe

Szechuan pepper is a spicy pepper. The Sichuan pepper plant species is found throughout Asia. As a spice, most of

Javentry Mace 50G – TRS

The nutmeg flower itself has a powerful aroma. The taste is spicy, sweet – bitter and slightly spicy. A little

Kasoori Methi 100G

Shan Karahi (Stir Fry) Mix helps you prepare delicious and mouthwatering traditional Karahi for a perfect mealtime experience.
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Magic Sarap 120g

Maggi Magic Sarap is your all-in-one seasoning made with fresh garlic and onion that help bring out the delicious taste

Wasabi Powder 30g – S&B

Powder wasabi needs to be mixed with water to make a paste and can often have a more robust flavour

Curry Paste Extra Hot 283G – Patak’s

Authentic blend of aromatic spices, coriander, chilli and fenugreek for a beautifully balanced Hot Curry dish.

Tea Masala Mix- 100 gms Aggarwal

Enjoy Indian Masala Tea for an exotic and spicy taste. This tea Masala mix has an aromatic blend of whole

Chillies Red Whole 150G – TRS

TRS Whole red chillies are widely used in many cuisines and are an essential ingredient in Indian cooking. Ideal for

Curry Leaves 20g – Heera

Curry leaves are from a sub-tropical plant. It is commonly used in Indian and Srilankan cuisine as seasoning. Heera dried

Spice Mix (Cinnamom, B Cardamom, Anis..)100g Shantao Hengtai

These mixed spices are used in Beef, chicken, mutton or pork any meat dishes. Also, it can be used in
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