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LOBO Seafood Chilli Sauce Mix 75G

Seafood and fish are among the essential ingredients of traditional Thai cuisine. Use Lobo Seafood Chilli Sauce Mix for pan

Turmeric Powder 100G – TRS

Turmeric powder is a Spice that lends a beautiful woody aroma and flavour to dals, vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood

Tandoori Masala 50G – Shan

With its tantalizing blend of rich spices and flavors, Shan Tandoori Masala Mix helps you recreate the traditional barbeque experience

Madras Curry Mild 100G – TRS

TRS Mild Madras Curry powder is an aromatic blend of spices (coriander, turmeric, chilli, cumin, pepper, fenugreek, garlic, salt and

Seekh Kebab Bbq 50G – Shan

Add just a little bit of this mix to mustard oil and season your dal or sabji with the goodness

Garam Masala Powder 100G – TRS

TRS Garam Masala is a blend of aromatic spices used mainly for flavouring North Indian dishes. Garam Masala can be

Butter Chicken Mas. 50G – Shan

Shan Butter Chicken Mix makes a juicy chicken dish in a rich tomato and butter sauce. All you need for

Bay Leaves 30G – TRS

Bay Leaves (Tej Patta) are very different to Mediterranean Bay Leaves.They have a similar but milder fragrance and taste to

Cinnamon Powder 100G – Heera

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the bark of a cinnamon tree. Heera Cinnamon Powder is having a strong spicy

Curry Paste Extra Hot 283G – Patak’s

Authentic blend of aromatic spices, coriander, chilli and fenugreek for a beautifully balanced Hot Curry dish.

Chicken Masala 50G – Shan

Shan Chicken Masala helps you prepare rich and aromatic Chicken Curry for a delicious and flavorful treat. Shan chicken masala

Anardana Powder 100G – TRS

Anardana powder is made from hand-picked pomegranate seeds, which are dried and then finely ground. The dried pomegranate seeds bring