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Dried Noodles (Fine) 454G -Mi Trun Ga

Dried noodles are made from wheat, flour, water, starch, salt or Kansai and other ingredients which enhance the flavour and
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Sempio Instant Tteokbokki Sweet and Spicy (Cup) 160 gm

Product Features Tteokbokki is an iconic after-school treat marked by soft rice cakes in a sweet and spicy sauce loved
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Bean Vermicelli Thai 160G

Bean vermicelli is a food product characterized by its transparent long thin threads. It is produced from Mung bean, which

Grilled Cold Noodle 480g – Bulaisiao

Grilled cold noodles cooked by special cold noodles like paper, eggs, onions and other auxiliary materials. The main condiment is
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