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Mori-Nu Silken Extra Firm Tofu 349 gms

Tofu is also called bean curd, which is prepared from soy milk. This is often used as a non-lactic alternative

Tofu Firm 349g Silken – Mori-Nu

Mori -Nu Silken Firm Tofu is silk tofu, which has somewhat higher water content and therefore, its texture is less

Tofu Miso Soup 30g – Kikkomann

Kikkoman Tofu Miso Soup is a quick, delicious and easy-to-prepare snack. Traditional miso soup is a Japanese staple food that

MORI-NU SILKEN TOFU Organic – 340 gms

USDA Organic. Low-fat, heart-healthy vegetable protein for dips, sauces & smoothies. Great alternative to eggs and dairy. Needs no refrigeration