Occasionally, items ordered are unavailable. When this occurs, we may either omit one or two items from the order or substitute similar items of equal or higher quality at an equal or lower price. We will automatically refund your transaction amount if any goods are not sent or any cheaper products are substituted. We will not charge for more expensive items or increase your final payment amount without consulting you. If a large proportion of your order is unavailable, we will contact you by email or telephone.

Package contents must be examined immediately after receipt, and any shortages or breakages MUST be reported within 24 hours. Reports of breakage at the time of delivery must be accompanied by photographs, emailed to info@asiamarketnyon.ch

Please bear in mind when ordering fresh or frozen goods that we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee the quality of these items as we depend on the handling efficiency and delays that may be related to delivery through our partners responsible for the delivery. We cannot take back any fresh or frozen food unless it had already perished when you received them.

If the goods have been despatched to you, prior to cancellation, you should return the goods to us at your cost. If the goods are not returned, you will be liable to pay for the goods and related costs such as shipping. 

Please note we will not accept perished goods as a cancellation.